CASE DIGEST: People vs. Salico

Ponente: Justice Feria Facts: This case is a petition filed before the Supreme Court by the provincial fiscal/prosecutor assailing the decision of the CFI of Negros Occidental dismissing the case of Oscar Salico who is being charged with homicide on the ground that the prosecutor failed to establish that the crime was committed on the territorial jurisdiction of the  said… Read more →

CASE DIGEST: Echegaray vs. Secretary of Justice

Facts: The Supreme Court affirmed the conviction of petitioner Leo Echegaray y Pilo for the crime of rape of the 10 year-old daughter of his common-law spouse. The supreme penalty of death was to be imposed upon him. He then filed motion for recon and a supplemental motion for recon raising constitutionality of Republic Act No. 7659 and the death… Read more →

CASE DIGEST: Francisco I. Chavez vs. Judicial Bar Council (JBC)

GR no. 202242   April 16 2013 Facts: The case is a motion for reconsideration filed by the JBC in a prior decision rendered July 17, 2012 that JBC’s action of allowing more than one member of the congress to represent the JBC to be unconstitutional Respondent contends that the phrase “ a representative of congress” refers that both houses… Read more →

CASE DIGEST: Sps Robles vs CA, Second Laguna Development Bank and Sps Nilo & Zenaida De Robles

GR 128053           June 10 2004 Tinga, J. Facts: Petitioner spouses obtained a loan from respondent Laguna Development Bank amounting to P 48 000 and as a security petitioner executed a deed of real estate mortgage over a parcel of land covered by transfer certificate of title (TCT) no. T-55918. Respondent back sold the said land on a public auction… Read more →

CASE DIGEST: Central Bank Employees Association v. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

GR No 148208 Puno, J. Facts: RA 7653 – otherwise known as the New Central Bank Act took effect July 3 1993, effectively replacing the earlier Central Bank of the Philippines (established 1949) by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. On June 8 2001, petitioner Central Bank (now BSP) Employees Association Inc. filed a petition against the Executive Secretary of the… Read more →

CASE DIGEST: Cynthia S. Bolos vs Danilo T. Bolos

Mendoza, J. Facts : Petitioner filed a petition for declaration of nullity of her marriage invoking Article 36 of the Family Code on July 10, 2003. The RTC granted her petition on August 2, 2006. Respondent thereafter filed a motion for reconsideration after respondent received the decision of the lower court. The decision as declared final after a motion to reconsider… Read more →

CASE DIGEST: Adasa vs Abalos

February 19, 2007 Facts: Respondent Cecille Abalos alleged in the complaints and affidavits that petitioner Bernadette Adasa was encashed two checks issued in the name of the respondent through deceit without knowledge of respondent Abalos. Adasa failed to pay to the proceeds of the checks despite demands of Abalos. Adasa filed a counter-affidavit admitting that she received and encashed the… Read more →

shot during the 2013 Bar Salubong at San Beda College Mendiola
shot during the 2013 Bar Salubong at San Beda College Mendiola

Ever since we got a new camera (Canon EOS 550D) at a pawnshop, i’m starting to study basic photography